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    Shamballa started in 1994 with a store in Paris opened by Mads Kornerup on Rue De Sevigne. His first unique collections consisted of ancient Indian and modern Scandinavian-inspired designs. Over the years the company has grown to become an international success. Now the Shamballa Collections are available accross the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

    Shamballa Jewels have become known for their Macramé braided bracelets using 18K Gold balls with precious stones. Supermodel Helena Christensen was the first one out to wear a full pavé 1116 set white G/VS diamonds bracelet. Helena wore it at the Oscars and this was the match which indeed ignited success. Over the years Shamballas has adorned many star clients and continues to be renowned as one of the hottest must-have jewelry collections in the world.

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