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    Founder and co-designer Lisa Frankel has spent her life cultivating an innate passion for design. After nearly three decades of delighting private clients, Lisa Frankel was joined by daughter and co-designer Danielle Frankel, and the pair began a collaboration focused on creating feminine and wearable jewelry for a discerning clientele. In the spring of 2010, following much demand and anticipation, they launched their first public collection - a resounding success that graced the covers and pages of nearly every fashion magazine to note and reached women of all types, including the First Lady of the United States who chose the pair's earrings to wear to her historic meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.

    The capsule collection, however, was just the beginning. In 2012, Lisa Frankel and Danielle Frankel unveiled the Phillips House, an evolution of the brand built upon Lisa's enduring design sense, Danielle's unique fashion insight and the collaborative talents of other individuals and influences. Evolving from the core foundation of classics, the Phillips House pushes the boundaries of conventional design, strives to recreate classics and seeks to innovate the relationship between brand and consumer. The result...the "new phenomenon in fine jewelry".

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